what’s ur status?

YM status of a person said a lot of things about him/her. some prefers to put quotes, others write jokes, some chats using the status and the rest prefers to put link to websites.

as for me, my status sometimes indicates the thing that im doing. i could be busy, not at my desk, out to lunch, taking a bath etc. it could also be a hint of moodyness (ujud ke word moodyness?). sometimes, yes, it could be a way of saying sumting unnice to somebody indirectly. i put what ever is on my mind intended for that nasty person, but without saying the name =p hehe, this works later on in the denial phase. “eh mane de..kite saje2 je tulis status tuh. x de mention saper2 pun”.

but the thing is, u can never be sure. thats why ppl love to make assumptions. “ni mesti tgh gado ngn awek nih”. “minah ni mesti tgh PMS nih”. c’mon.., status is just status. my status may sound harsh, or sad, or weird.. but for all u know, i might be quoting from a book!

well, it is fun to cleverly guess whats behind a status of a person. even i do the same thing! but there is nothing funny in having ppl said to me “apsal ko gado ni nih mie”. ppl are making assumptions and actually believe the assumptions! it is a whole different story (and less irritating) if the question goes like this : “nape nih..de pape x kene ke”. im ok with that, at least i know that my friends are concern enuff bout me.

my point is, my status is the way im expressing my feelings at the moment. sometimes i go moody without any specific reason at all. im just being me. and sometimes, i even forget that im having any status on my YM and go blur when ppl ask about it.

just dont take things too seriously. afterall, we can never be so sure of whats going on in other ppl life.


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